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Uplighting (also known as "Mood-Setting" Lights) are LED light boxes that are placed against the walls, pillars, or curtains to give the entire room the desired glow (mood).  These lights can remain a solid color or change to various pre-determined colors. They can also be sound-activated to produce flashing lights with the beat of the music. 

Click the above picture to see the various lightings. 


Want your guests to be drawn to the dance floor and keep dancing the night away? Then call them to the dance floor with two of our top-of-the-line Intelligent Lights "Moving Heads", each mounted on top of a 6.5-foot tall lighted white-scrim Truss (Pillar). Guests can't resist the inviting beams of these dancing lights. 

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Add a personal touch to your wedding or other events with a Gobo Monogram, projected on a wall, screen, or the dance floor. We will help you create your own custom design.

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Our Standard Lightings provide basic night-club effects. Standard Lighting can include the Agressor, the Laser, the Disco Balls, the Cubix, and the Strobe.  

Click on the above picture to see the various lightings.